Geometric Top Single Hung

Traditional in appearance, Our slim line single hung slides vertically, reminiscent of old-style windows.  It opens without using any exterior or interior space.  Great for any room.  Achieve a more contemporary look with more glass through a slimmer frame design.  Live worry-free.  Our virtually maintenance-free vinyl frames won't rot, peel or require paint.  Also available to be configured with a radius (arch) window.

  • Tilt-in removable sash for safe, easy cleaning of exterior glass and screen
  • Cam-action sash locks increase leverage for a weather-tight seal
  • Constant-force coil balance system ensures smooth, easy operation even on large windows
  • Double lift rails (upper and lower) make it easy to raise or lower the sash
  • Available in operating arch, true radius and trapezoid shapes
  • Extruded aluminum half screen with fiberglass mesh standard; full screen optional
  • Two ventilation limit latches standard
  • Interior and exterior accessory groove allowing for a wide selection of installation options
  • Optional child safety vent latch

Single Hung Windows