Tray Martin       Co-Founder, Owner 

If I were a dog, I would be wagging my tail.

Tray was fortunate enough to have a mentor at a very young age in the window industry.  He helped develop a passion for the industry that has stood the test of time.  Tray has 27 years of industry experience and we as a team continue to learn and grow to better serve our customers.  We at America’s Choice Windows strive to give back to our community.  Tray’s own son is a first responder and the compassion and dedication to first responders, military, and educators are very important to us at America’s Choice Windows. Through the support of the community supporting America’s Choice Windows, we are able to donate windows to the homes of these humble recipients multiple times per year.  We appreciate the community that we live and serve and it is of the highest priority to honor our unnamed and often under-acknowledged heroes.
Tray has a passion for bodybuilding and carries these same disciplines into business and negotiations with vendors to be able to deliver the highest quality products at a very reasonable price.  His fun-loving and generous spirit brings smiles to the faces of all those around him.  America’s Choice Windows is a family-owned and operated, we are large enough to serve but small enough to care.  We appreciate every homeowner that chooses America’s Choice for their window needs.

Stephanie Sullivan       Sales & Customer Service

Representing Houston and Dallas homeowners, Stephanie is committed to finding you the best windows for the place you call home.  Raised in Houston, Stephanie understands the best qualities needed to ensure your home is prepared for anything.  With past experience in real estate and a special interest in green efficiency, Stephanie is dedicated to not only providing you a fun and easy experience but also making sure you stay informed and receive the very best products that she stands behind.  If you are ready to take the next step in upgrading your home, Stephanie will be stand by you the whole time and truly care like family.

Julie Martin       Co-Founder, Owner

When the World Pushes you to your knees, you are in the perfect position to pray.

Julie can be described quite simply: Disciplined, detail-oriented and selfless.  Julie's goal is to make an impact on our community and staff in a way that serves others and each day so that we can become a better version of ourselves.  Julie acclaims her biggest achievement to mentoring young adults and other representatives within our company. It brings the most joy from a professional outlook while being able to share knowledge learned over the years.  Julie worked for a Fortune 100 Company and has a background in accounting and legal departments with an emphasis on profit and loss review, budgeting, and analytics, as well as in software services. From my first day, I witnessed her say: "I know I can speak for myself, and every individual within our company: When people choose America’s Choice Windows for their window replacement needs they will know that we “Care!”  We strive every day to deliver the highest quality products at a fair price so that all families can use their expendable income to fulfill their own needs and not take any bread and butter off of their tables."

Julie is a Texas Girl born and Raised, a Texas Girl is where she stays. Julie has a passion for working hard and going the extra mile, she loves health, wellness, and fitness, and faces each day as a fully devoted follower of Jesus with a desire to hold steadfast to being kind.  There are only so many hours in a day but each day you will find her with a full commitment to the company and our customers and vendors.  We wouldn’t be here without any of them.


Cynthia Dohr       Administration and Customer Support

If you don’t make mistakes, then you’re not working on hard enough problems.

Cynthia can be described as compassionate, understanding, selfless, and driven. Her ultimate goal is to do everything in her ability to ensure success in her professional and personal life. In her personal life, she takes evening classes to get a degree in Nursing.  At America’s Choice Windows, she strives every day to work hard and complete and learn as much as she can. While her tenure has not been many years, she has described and truly believes, that she has been taught so many valuable skills by her colleagues and customers that can carry on to the rest of her life. She said she even practices the way she speaks to family and strangers from my knowledge of working at America’s Choice Windows. Also, she practices working efficiently doing assignments and studying for her degree. She has grown to care so deeply for this company, our customers, and overall success as an individual and as a team.

Cynthia is from this area and has been her entire life, only living a few minutes away from our corporate office in League City. Cynthia is passionate about helping and pleasing others. She has been described as sunshine because she emanates positivity and always has a smile on her face. Cynthia’s interests are reading, writing, yoga, and using her faith as the building blocks of her everyday life.

Angel Alcala       Director

"Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. Don't wish it were easier; wish you were better."

Angel can be described as loyal, hardworking, and goal-oriented. She lives each day learning and growing both within the company and within herself. She strives to provide excellent customer service daily and is always looking at the glass half full. America’s Choice Windows has become a second home for her, and she continues to care deeply for the company and the happiness of our customers.

Angel is Texas born and raised. She and her husband have just welcomed their 3rd child into their family. She works hard daily to set good examples for her children and raise them with respect since they are the future of the world. Every day she aspires to be a better version of herself and continues to chase her dreams and goals. She feels that she has found her forever home with America’s Choice Windows and Is excited to continue to watch the company grow.