Vinyl Shutters

Vinyl siding was first introduced to the exterior cladding market in the early 1960's and steadily grew in popularity over the next four decades because of its durability, versatility and ease of maintenance. The product is manufactured primarily with polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a material that gives it impact resistance, rigidity and strength.

PVC starts with two simple building blocks: chlorine (57%) from common salt and ethylene (43%) from natural gas. Most of the natural gas utilized to manufacture ethylene is domestically produced, which reduces consumption of imported oil products.

Today, vinyl siding is the number one choice of exterior cladding across the United States and Canada. In fact, the U.S. Census Bureau Statistics show twice as many homeowners side their homes with vinyl than with any other material. Vinyl siding is available in a broad palette of colors, profiles and architectural trim to assist homeowners in customizing their new construction and renovation designs.

Vinyl Siding is a great investment. Re-siding a home is among the top ten remodeling projects in terms of overall payback. And, if you re-side with vinyl, you can often recoup 100% or more of your investment - you pick the right company, of course.

Explore and discover the possibilities that today's siding offers.

The economical solution for dressing your home or office with maintenance-free Vinyl shutter. Many molded through colors from which to choose. The UV-stabilized, state of the art, vinyl shutters will not chip or flake as ordinary outdoor, painted exterior shutters will. Each shutter has deep wood grain texture without the worry of wood and detailed beading for that authentic traditional shutter look.

Vinyl Siding