Casement Windows


  • Sashes swing outward for easy ventilation
  • Screens removable from inside home
  • Single-lever multi-point locking mechanism with single locking handle for maximum security
  • Color-coordinated locking and operating hardware for functional beauty
  • Folding nested operator handles come standard
  • Fusion welded frames ensure your window stays strong, square and weather-tight
  • Insulated double-pane glass units can be configured for all climates
  • Variety of frame colors and  grids to accent home’s style

Our unique casement style window design was created to provide a refrigerator-like seal that keeps out extreme wind and cold and provides you with a unique level of protection from the outside elements.

The primary feature in Casement Windows is that they are hinged on the sides of the frame and open from the side, usually to the exterior. Casement Windows that swing outwardly are typically the most energy efficient of window styles since the sash closes by securing firmly against the frame of the window.

Another benefit of an outward opening Casement Window is that the ventilation or air passage is significantly improved due to the various angles of openings that can be obtained, thereby maximizing the ventilation. Screens are typically used on the interior of Casement Windows.