3-Lite Sliders

This product provides a picturesque view of the surrounding area and is easy to operate. It is mounted on heavy duty rollers that allow the slider to smoothly glide across its track. This window provides a wonderful view and opens easily to enjoy the fresh air.

Sliding Windows function like double-hungs or single-hungs turned sideways. They look great in contemporary homes, and work well opening onto a deck or exterior stairway, where a casement´s swing would cause trouble.

Both sashes slide horizontally in a double-sliding window. Only one sash slides in a single-sliding window. Ventilation area can vary from a small crack to an opening of one-half the total glass area. Screens can be placed on the exterior or interior of the window unit.  

Sliding Windows


  • Fusion welded frame ensure your window stays strong, square and weather-tight
  • Interlocking sashes with weather-stripping and reinforcement overlap when closed to prevent air and water infiltration
  • Insulated double-pane glass units can be configured for all climates
  • Heavy-duty track and roller system for long life and easy gliding
  • Pull rail for ease of operation
  • Variety of frame colors and  grids to accent your home’s style